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About This Site

Well, really, what can I say about this site that you haven't already figured out for yourself? At the risk of stating the obvious, I suppose I could tell you that I simply wanted to put up a site with my favorite jokes, games, and funny stuff.

Web Hosting: In case you're interested, I'm hosting this site through iPowerWeb for a pretty good deal: $100 for an entire year, including the domain registration--and more. There may be better deals out there, but I haven't found them. If you're interested in setting up your own site, click here.

Advertising: If you do decide to set up your own site, you can get your money back from it by doing a little advertising. I'm trying a few different routes:

  • Fastclick: This one's the best I've found for entry-level sites. It offers payment for impressions and click-throughs. If you're interested in your site generating a little cash, check out fastclick.com
  • TrafficZap: This isn't really advertising-related. It's more of a way to generate 50% more traffic to your website. For every two pop-unders your website delivers, TrafficZap will display your own website as a popunder for another member's site. It's generated a TON of traffic for me! Be sure to check it out at TrafficZap.com.
  • CasaleMedia: This company provides decent popunders and is a good backup for Fastclick. Word has it that they're going to be adding banner and skyscraper ads to their lineup before too long. To sign up as a partner, visit their website at CasaleMedia.com.
  • PowWeb Hosting - $7.77/month



Webmasters -- I just signed up with PowWeb, which has the best deal I've found for Web Hosting. 1,000 MB storage, free domain registration, 150 GB data transfer, only $7.77/month(less than $94 per year!)


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